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We tracked down Celeigh Chapman and learned how she's spending her time lately.

Punch Records US caught up with Celeigh Chapman recently and learned what’s been going on since our original interview with Celeigh from several years back.

Celeigh, what have you been up to since our last interview?

Recently I performed in my hometown as part of a night honoring The Bakersfield Sound, and launching the collectable box set of music that celebrates the legacy. I performed along legendary artists who paved the way for many musicians in our hometown and throughout the genre of country music.

In December I released my cover of "Hard Candy Christmas" w/ Wynchester! We had released a video a year or so prior, but after much demand we made the song available for download and streaming. Listen here: Watch here:

Earlier in 2019, my dear friend, grammy nominated and BAFTA awarded composer released a never before released demo we did for a project that was lost on the cutting room floor. I was honored to be included in his release of never before heard works. More info:

I also traveled to Nashville to meet up with co-writers, and take meetings. Always checking in on my Nashville friends, and keeping my industry folks updated on my new music and projects!

So, what’s in store for this year?

For 2020 - we're gearing up to release new music!

Her forthcoming 2020 release (untitled) will include many of the prestigious musicians and writers she's collaborated with in the past. However, she welcomes Grammy winning songwriter Ryan Petersen (Rachel Platten, Switchfoot) and renowned guitar player Joshua Ray Gooch (Shania Twain). Again, she is working with esteemed producer and Grammy Winner, John Spiker.

More about Celeigh

Bakersfield native, Céleigh Chapman (pronounced Kaleigh) grew up singing country standards in the juke joints of Bakersfield, California. Performing for every jam session, and in every public arena she possibly could before she was even in high school. Her start in country music was her first public performance of “Home On The Range” in the third grade, which would lead her to recording her first 5 track demo in Buck Owen's private Bakersfield recording studio with none other than the Buckaroos themselves, as well as multiple sold out shows at The Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace.

Céleigh paid her dues, and cut her chops in “Nashville West,” before actually heading to Nashville and showcasing for labels at 15.

After being accepted to the prestigious Thornton School of Music at USC, Céleigh began her professional music career in Los Angeles studying music, performing in every venue across the sprawling big city and making a name for herself in the world of music for film, television, and video games.

Along the way, Céleigh has been enticing a wide variety of fans and collaborators with her ability to imbue songs with meaning beyond their lyrics and her authentic California country credentials. Her voice has been described as polished, bright, angelic, and yet at times haunting and raspy, ballsy and badass.

Both of Céleigh self-released solo EPs "Happy Now" and "The Winner" were recognized by iTunes as "New and Noteworthy" with features on their Country Music homepage, as well as multiple spins on LA's KCRW Radio Station.

“The Winner” EP, Céleigh’s second solo endeavor, once again finds her exploring her country roots. However this time she dives into an era that sonically had a profound effect on shaping her as a musician, vocalist, and performer. With nods to a more 90’s version of country, Céleigh and her Grammy award-winning producer John Spiker, felt no constraints or pressure to create a record that fit current trends in today’s country music. Instead, they went boldly into the direction of allowing the musicians and sounds serve the songs and carry out Céleigh’s style of country. With attention to what she calls movement and motion, Céleigh was inspired by her long drive times across Los Angeles to make it an EP worthy of your car stereo.

So, go ahead. Roll the windows down, turn the stereo up and let Céleigh Chapman tell you what it’s like to be “The Winner”

Credits on the “The Winner” include John Spiker of Tenacious D, Kris Karlsson (Haden Triplets) on guitar, Adam Tressler ( Kasey Musgraves, Demi Lavato) on guitar, Drew Taubenfeld (Megan Trainor, Leon Bridges) on pedal steel, Kiel Feher (Selena Gomez) on drums and William Gramling (Colbie Callait) on keys. It was produced, engineered, and mixed by multiple Grammy winner John Spiker and mastered by Nate Wood (Jenny O.,The White Buffalo).

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