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If you encounter a Bear In The Woods

Bear in the Woods


PR: So where are you guys from?

BITW: Winter Park, Florida...Not many people know it so we mostly say Orlando.

PR: How long have you been together?

BITW: A few years for Jared and I (Rob). Natalie has recently joined us.

PR: What or who are your influences?

BITW: There are so many. We enjoy many different genres of music. It’s probably reflective in our music.

PR: What is you music goal?

BITW: To make people dance (Jared)

PR: Tonight will be my first time hearing your band. What is your prediction for tonight’s show?

BITW: We just want to have fun doing what we love…. Playing rock music.

Performance Review

From the first note… powerful guitar riffs, earth shaking bass lines, a drum beat like a train engine setting the pace and driving the momentum for the rest of the rail cars to follow. I’m pretty sure there was a huge smile on my face not long after the start of the first song.

Music that was truly rock ‘n roll is how to describe the sound of Bear In The Woods. Yes, I can think of other bands that sound familiar but it’s not worth listing them. Bear In The Woods’ music is not a “copycat” band. Their music is original and you get the feeling that it comes deep from within their souls.

Rob (lead vocals/lead guitar) stands poised in a very natural guitar player position and plays a mix of catchy rhythm chords and punchy leads while belting out vocals on every song.

Natalie (bass guitar) moves with every note as if her body is an extension of the song. She plays either a bass line to match Rob’s guitar riffs or it’s something totally different. Different but in a way that it compliments what you hear coming from Rob’s guitar. It’s impressive, it’s fresh, it’s good. Jared (drums and DJ) sits behind the drum kit appearing that he owns it… his style and ability makes his contribution to the sound almost effortless.

I really can’t say enough about the talent of these 3 musicians, their style, their music and the energy they convey when performing. The best thing is to go see them! I’ll be doing that tonight as they are back on Florida’s East coast sharing the stage with Southern Fried Genocide, Best Supporting Actor and others. Ashley's Sports Page is the place to be tonight. Find BITW on Facebook or ReverbNation and check out their schedule.

Click on the band logo at the top of this page to visit their Facebook page.

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