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Jacie and the Knick Knacks Interview "I feel like 90’s grunge music is coming back"

PR: Tell me about how you came up with the name Jacie and the Knick Knacks?

JKK: When I joined, the band was called “Tank Top”. It had been a two-piece, with just drums (Andrew) and a distorted acoustic guitar/vox (Chris). I came in as their bass player/ back-up vox, but one thing led to another and there I was with an electric guitar, singing as the front person. Since the dynamics of the band had changed, we thought the name should too. We really liked the 50’s feel to a band name like “_____ and the _____ _____s”. In the end, I’m just a sucker for knick-knacks that I find in thrift stores.

PR: Who are the band members and how did you meet?

JKK: Right now, our band is a four piece. Myself, Jacie, on guitar and lead vocals. Chris Walker on bass and back-up vocals. John Robert Bridges III on lead guitar and Casey Dodd on drums. Let’s see, Chris and I have been dating since before I joined the band. So we go way back. We met John while auditioning for a new drummer, but he was a better guitarist than a drummer. John is amazing! Our original drummer, Andrew Kennedy, had to leave the band when he became a daddy once again. We love Andrew and every once in a while he’ll still play with us when we have secret shows. Our new drummer, Casey Dodd, is the best drummer in town. We feel privileged having him in our band.


PR: In what genre does your music fit?

JKK: I feel like 90’s grunge music is coming back in a big way these days. At least in the indie scene. It’s like, all those kids that were growing up in the 90’s now have bands themselves. So what else would they sound like?!

PR: Which artist inspire and influence you?

JKK: Oh my, so many great artist out there. I know a few that the whole band could agree on would be bands like the Pixies, Nirvana, the Beatles, Chumbawamba, you know, the classics!

PR: Who writes the music and where do you find inspiration?

JKK: Chris and I are the songwriters. We have similar taste in music and that helps with the flow of the writing process. At home, we’ll hear each other writing new songs all the time, so there’s always that moment when one of us says “oh, I might have a bridge for that” or “that song needs more cowbell!”. We both love all that is music and the arts that surround our world and that’s where we get our inspiration, from music itself.

PR: In your opinion, what’s the most misunderstood song you’ve written?

JKK: Hopefully all of them. Most art should be misunderstood.

PR: What is your favorite venue played and why?

JKK: The Social in Orlando. They had a great sound guy and the staff was super friendly. Besides we’ve seen so many great acts play there over time. It was way cool just being able to perform there.

PR: What are your short and long term music goals?

JKK: Short term, we want to start touring more of Florida. Also, we are going back to the studio sometime in May to record our new ep. As far as long term goal, i guess just to conquer the world.

PR: What’s the best resource for music fans to learn more about Jacie and The Knick Knacks?

Honeslty, Facebook. We are always updating that and that alone. It’s the best way to get a hold of us. You can also go to or write to us at


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