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​Punch Records was created as a result of the Independent Music Movement. After marketing my own music project including writing music, forming a band, booking shows, recording a CD, designing promotional materials, developing a web presence and social media - I decided to start this record label to use my skills and experience to help other musicians succeed.


The Independent Music Movement has changed the music industry in a huge way. Artists now have the freedom and tools to market and promote their own works. However, this is new to a lot of us. Where do we start? What's more, the DIY approach can leave a lot to be desired as far as quality goes. A CD still needs to be professional, a poster design needs to be catchy and market savvy. How does one accomplish these goals with little or no experience in these areas?

Our goal here at Punch Records is to offer guidance to fellow musicians. We can assist our clients in the areas they need the most help. This allows them to concentrate on what brought them to us to begin with…. Their music!


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